Ecomax g404 10b

Ecomax g404 10b

This machine features electronic controls with digital temperature indication for easy operation. Capable of 60 racks per hour, this is an efficient and easy to use Compact Glasswasher, perfect for smaller establishments.



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  • Electronic control with digital temperature indication
  • Flat surface of control panel
  • 2 selectable wash cycles
  • Rotating top and bottom wash system to distribute the wash water evenly over the dishes
  • Indented nozzles prevent blocking
  • Thermostop-function for guaranteed temperatures
  • Integrated self-cleaning cycle
  • Removal of rinse arms without any tools
  • USB connection for easier service access
  • Easy access to all parts
  • Deep drawn rack track
  • Double-walled insulated front door
  • Integrated cycle counting, e.g. for control of water treatment system

Standard Equipment

  • Glass rack with 4 sloped rows 139321-57
  • Cutlery basket CB1
  • Heater with thermostat control
  • Electric cable, flexible water supply hose and drain hose
  • Rear panelling

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